Why Being Outdoors May Be the Safest Place to Be

It is humbling and dramatic to see the world come to its knees from something as deceptively simple as a virus. In these dire times, it is fundamental that you and yours stay safe and healthy, for your sake and for the sake of all humanity. Presently, there are still more questions than answers about the COVID-19. But as the number of infected increases, a pattern is becoming visible. The virus seems to be highly infectious. The severity of the infection seems to be related to the viral load of the exposure - that is, people that are exposed to high concentrations of the virus (by repeated or prolonged contact with other infected people) tend to be sicker than people that are exposed to small quantities of the virus. A recent scientifically reliable study (here) demonstrated that the virus itself stays viable for long periods on surfaces (up to 12 hours in non-copper metallic surfaces, for example) and on the breathing mist of the sickened patients, but only when indoors. Outdoors, the virus is naturally dispersed to very small concentrations, and seems to be lose viability within a short period.


We at GRS Riflestocks have taken all possible steps to halt the spreading of the virus within our community, both by adopting WHO and national updated guidelines and by leading a healthy outdoors-oriented life while doing what we love the most. We hope you do to, and we hope our riflestocks and associated products will help you enjoy to the full your outings into nature, while hunting or shooting in the range.

The nature of shooting dictates that a rifle tends to be a very personal item. Take care to keep your all your personal objects disinfected - the coronavirus' functional structure relies on an envelope layer of fat that is easily dissolved by soap, which destroys it. Wipe your weapon with a cloth moistened with water and soap, let it rest for 20 seconds, and wipe it again - this gentle procedure can be used on any of our stocks, laminate as composite. Don't forget to reapply oil after this procedure, to avoid rusting and to preserve the finishing.

By being careful, we will overcome this biological crisis - stay safe, stay healthy, make your social distancing matter by sensibly enjoying your outdoor activities in nature. Here is a good read for you, Hunting in Greenland in the wilderness :)


From us, in GRS Riflestocks