We have sold several hundred GRS Warg stocks for the Tikka T3X and Tikka T3X CTR rifles, in this video, you will be guided on how to install your rifle into this excellent long range stock.

GRS Warg-Bifrost_NL-R8_Banner

We started shipping these stocks in May, and they are flying off the shelf, the most popular color being the black version, with the Green close behind. Our sales team had some questions from customers on how to mount the rifles to the stocks, so we shot this video for you to help out!


Why do we love the GRS Warg so much?

  • The ergonomics of the stock.
  • The fore end makes it possible to use a top-mounted bipod
  • The option to use front mounted night vision equipment on the fore end
  • Available in several inlets and colors
  • It looks and feels awesome!
  • You can see all information on the Warg on our homepage


In the video below you can see how to install the rifle to the stock





You might remember our previous blog post when we were shooting the Tikka T1X? This is one of our most popular posts in 2019 if you haven't read it its time!
In the coming weeks, we will travel to our valley where we shoot to test all our products out to extreme ranges, looking forward to sharing it all with you!

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All the best.

Oscar Haugen
CEO GRS Riflestocks AS