The best synthetic stock for the Savage 110 in the market! I really feel we are taking the rifle to the next level, and we certainly will test it to the limit :)


The Savage 110 FCP in 338 Lapua magnum is a rifle that is not that common in Norway, however in the rest of the world and especially in the US it highly popular - and for a good reason! The Savage rifle comes with the famous Accutrigger, AICS magazine (single stack 5 round) and a very effective muzzle brake. It is also available in calibers such as 308 Winchester and 300 Winchester magnum

We dropped in the Savage 110 FCP action into our GRS Warg stock and tightened the action screws with 5,5 nm of torque. Then we installed the GRS Bag Rider for use with the GRS Rear bag and the GRS Spigot adapter set to use a top mounted bipod. Using the combination with Rear Bag and Bag rider is excellent because it makes the stock slide effortlessly during recoil, we much prefer this to use a monopod, they move unevenly during recoil because they tend to snag on the ground during recoil.

The top-mounted bipods are my preference; you have the core line of the rifle hanging underneath the balancing point of the bipod, which makes it very stable. Using a bipod fixed underneath the stock also works, but it can sometimes feel top heavy and unstable.

We chose the Black color on the rifle, it just matched everything else, and it looks awesome, almost like a dark shadow!

The scope of choice is the Nightforce ATACR F1 5-25x56, same setup as we use on the Blaser R8 Rifle in our previous blog post

The setup

Zeroing and engaging

We have modified the Picatinny rail on the rifle, so when we zeroed it at 100 meters we had the zero 2MIL's above the center cross in the Nightforce reticle. This means we have the full elevation of the scope available when we shoot the most extreme ranges.
After zeroing we moved back into the valley and shot a couple of series on 648 meters, the wind took our paper targets, so we decided to engage a rock measuring about 40cm wide and 50 cm high.

All the six shots we fired hit the target perfectly in height, just with a slight spread horizontally due to
6 m/s gusting winds. We then moved our focus over to some other rocks at 1015 meters. We dialed in the scope and fired. The impact was perfect in height just missing the chest size rock to the left, I cycled the bolt, adjusted my sight picture 0,3mil to the right for wind and engaged again hitting it dead center. With a grin to my face, I turned to Eivind (picture below) who was spotting for me and said - it is pretty amazing we can engage at such distances this easily.


We changed position, I told Eivind were to main to compensate for wind, and he hit the dead rock center at the first shot.

There are many ballistic solutions out there; we are using the Kestrel 5700 with applied ballistics, and a Zeiss/ Hensholdt Spotter 60 topped on a  Mission Critical design P.R.S.D tripod excellent product!


So what do we think?

This is an accurate, hard-hitting, and easily shootable combination - a GREAT setup for the one who wants to take the step into the long range shooting world. We are just looking forward to shooting even longer with this combination!!


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All the best.

Oscar Haugen
CEO GRS Riflestocks AS