We Love 22 LR and 17 HMR rifles! Our top pics :)

GRS make stocks for several rimfire rifles and we see the volume of stocks increasing, why is this so popular?


 Back in the days the norm was for every hunter to also have a rimfire rifle, to use for putting down animals when trapping and plinking. The trapping aspect of using 22LR rifles has slowed down, its a fact most of us hunters does not have the time to invest into the lost art of trapping. 22 rimfire was also used for the younger generation to start getting familiar with rifles and hunting. 
The rimfire rifles are more popular than ever, with the introduction of the 17HMR in 2002 you suddenly had a fast bullet with much less drop than the traditional 22LR and 22 magnum. Rimfire rifles was suddenly new and attractive for the average hunter and shooter and sales boosted for all rimfire calibers.
Hands up everyone that likes a fast bullet with little drop in the bullet path, yeah its pretty much everyone!

What we see now is a changing trend, more and more rifle manufacturers deliver high end rimfire rifles and customers come to us to upgrade the rifle stocks. Earlier the rimfire rifles was made small for youth and they were almost precived as "toy guns" which is very dangerous, the 22LR is a lethal caliber just as any other rifle cartridge. 
Nowerdays manucaturers make the rimfire rifles with Heavy barrels, new solid actions and match triggers. In scandinavia especially this was received well as many competition shooters have to shoot on ranges indoors limited to 22lr, normal  shooting ranges are closed because of the heavy snow fall during winter.

The shooters want something that resembles their normal competition rifles in weight and feel so they can train as close to what they are used to for the Running moose disipline. 

Why is the training so effective with a rimfire rifle?  Simple answer, the bullet travels down the barrel much slower than a 6.5 mm or 30 cal cartridge so if you have bad trigger control, you flinch or your position is bad this will show much more with a slow bullet than a fast one. The barrel has more time to move before the bullet leaves the muzzle. It is EXCELLENT  for training trigger control, ans it is very affordable to shoot volume!

GRS Rifle stocks are as you know fully adjustable. The LOP adjustment is very important so your head is placed correctly on the cheekpiece towards the optic, you have all tried a rifle with too long a stock or to short one. Result? Turkey necking to get the correct sight picture in the scope.

Same goes for the cheekpiece height, this is to center your eye correctly in the exit pupil of the scope and to relax your neck muscles. If you  have a cheekpiece that is too low you need to mocke around to find the exit pupil/ sight picture in the scope.  You will also reduse muscle tension in your neck that normally is transferred into the shooting position if the stock does not fit. 

The very ergonomic gives you full control over the rifle - and the finger placement on the trigger, see it all matches up to give you the ultimate shooting experience.



GRS Riflestocks produces the laminate stocks for several different rimfire rifles.

  • Anchutz 1710, 1712 and 1727 straigh pull (excellent rifle pictued above)
  • CZ 452 and 455
  • Ruger 10/22
  • Sako Quad
  • Tikka X1


We will write about the different rifles on the coming blogposts. They are rifles in different priceclasses and with different features and functions. We will go in depth with each model and explain the benifits and limitations.


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All the best.


Oscar Haugen
CEO GRS Riflestocks AS