Video of the GRS height adjustable recoil pad option!

When shooting prone position, it is important to be able to raise the recoil pad to get a firm recoil absorption, if you do not you will have an uneven recoil absorption because the recoil pad will sit low in your shoulder. It is the same problem if you are shooting in a standing position, the recoil pad will sit high in your shoulder and it needs to be dropped down to counter this problem.


The GRS Height adjustable recoil pad option is a set of extra parts you can buy at your local GRS dealer. Easily installed in 5 minutes and you have a push button height adjustable recoil pad.




You can also see it on this link GRS HARP

If you are doing one upgrade on your stock, this is definatly the one you need!

All the best.

Oscar Haugen
GRS Riflestocks AS.