Our New Arca Rail for the Ragnarok - aka the importance of standards



At GRS Riflestocks, we are always looking for ways to make you shoot accurately. We start from the basics and take it from there. The basics are, of course, the best possible combination of barrel, action and ergonomic Riflestock. Once those primary items are covered, it's time to move to all the other accessories that you will collect around your rifle to make your shooting better for the specific conditions you love. Optics, silencers, usually come next. But no matter the flavor of extras that makes you tick, the panoply of available shooting accessories will always require attachment solutions that will make your shooting safe, reliable and easy. In comes our very new Arca-Rail system for our very own Ragnarok.


The Arca-Rail standard was created by the Brothers Oschwald who, in the 1940's 


- 1950's, built a company that produced high-end medium and large format photo cameras widely known among the professional photographers for their interchangeability of parts - which allowed for innumerous combinations - and for the precision of their mechanics. When looking for a name for their newly formed company, they landed on ARCA as a acronym of All ARound CAmera. Their rails and fittings quickly became the most used standard for professional photographing and filming in tripods and all types of camera bases - due to their sturdiness, precision and reliability.


When you consider what's at stake in precision shooting, you quickly discover that it shares a lot in common with high-end photography. So it was only natural that - in the recent past - the Arca-Swiss standard rail for tripod has become a staple in precision rifle shooting.



We are happy to report that in keeping with our pursuit of excellence we've now developed a GRS Arca-Rail kit which mounts to the underside of the Ragnarok chassis front end.



This new Arca-rail can be used for tripod mounts, to attach shooting bags, hand stops, barricade devices, bipods or any equipment that follows the Arca-Rail standard.

Our rail is attached using two M-Lok fasteners in front (included), and four screws in the rear of the rail. These four screws replace the previous bolts that fixed the front end of the Ragnarok chassis stock. Due to this improved design, you may be able to use the GRS Arca-Rail on the Ragnarok and later - if needed - remove the front end and the new Arca-Rail in one single unit - without the need to disassemble both.

Our GRS Arca-Rail is made of 6061 Aluminium and stainless-steel, and we are sure it will be a welcome addition to your "must-haves" for a better and more precise shooting.

check it out, in real-life an slow-motion, below: