New Record Set By Chris Maunder In The 100 Yard 223 Benchrest Competition!

Target Shooter Magazine reports a new record by Chris Maunder!

Chris Maunder

Chris Maunder shot this remarkable 5-shot group in the UKBRA 100 yard benchrest competition at Diggle last weekend. 

The group was shot with Chris's 223 rifle built by Neil McKillop. In short-range benchrest we have two classes - one for out and out custom 6PPC rifles built to strict WBSF spec. and another for 'sporter' rifles. The definition of a sporter rifle is purposely quite 'loose' - to encourage shooters who already have an accurate rifle to try their hand at benchrest competition. 

In Chris's case, he does have a 6PPC rifle but it's on its way to New Zealand for the World Benchrest Championships so, rather than miss a shoot, Chris decided to give the 223 an airing.

The group measured just 0.078 inches - under one-tenth of an inch - what benchresters call a 'screamer'. The group breaks a 15 year old record previously set by Jerry May in 2002.

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