Left-Handed Rifle Stocks from GRS

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The statistics say that 10% to 15% of rifle shooters are left-handed. Based on the events I attend, I believe this statistic is accurate. But this past weekend I attended an event and forgot to bring a left-handed stock. At this event, I think the number of lefthanded attendees was closer to 25%. Embarrassingly, I’m left-handed. Lesson learned, always bring a left-handed stock. 

When GRS started making laminate rifle stocks, we quickly experienced that many left-hand shooters used right-hand rifles and stocks. In South Africa, it was not common to import left-handed rifles at all!
The result of this was that we started delivering left-hand stocks with right-hand rifle inlets in our laminate stocks for the most common rifles and that we broadened the inlets we offered in left-hand rifles (Overview shown below)
Another thing we experienced was that lefties were charged more for rifles and stocks, something we decided right of the bat we would not do. Prices remain the same for lefties and righties.

At GRS Riflestocks, we do our best to accommodate Lefties. We have left-hand options for our Bifrosts, Hybrids, Hunters, Sporters, and Wargs. (picture above of left- Handed Nordic Wolf Sporter and Blue Hybrid) The left-handed Ragnarök will be available in the middle of August 2019. 
If you have a left-handed Blaser, Remington, Röessler, Sauer, Shultz/Larsen or Tikka; we have options for you. Additionally, we offer our most popular laminate models as lefthanded blanks (no Inlet), and you can get you, gunsmith, to inlet for your rifle. Sometimes, a right-handed action is employed by a southpaw; we can accommodate this as well (we don’t inlet for the bolt handle).

One question we get often is can we get the Berserk, Bifrost or Warg in Left-hand stock and right-hand inlet. Unfortunately, the synthetic stocks are produced in a completely different way to laminates. Mold prices are extremely high, so there needs to be a high volume of stocks to invest in new inlets. We do not have the flexibility in synthetics as we do in laminates.  

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Left-Handed Bifrost and Warg for the Tikka T3X

If you had your choice, what would you like to see GRS Riflestocks add to our left-handed?

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All the best.

Jerry Davenport
Head of sales North America
GRS Riflestocks AS