Going Places - the new GRS Hunter Light rifle stock

We all carry some sort of hindering baggage - at all ages and sizes. To be human is to be physically limited; limited by gravity, balance, lacking the explosive power of a hunting carnivore or the comparative stamina of a galloping herbivore. The human is an average animal - we worship athletic prowess because we perceive that it is very hard to attain and even more difficult to keep. 

A world of effort has been put in finding ways to reduce that baggage and overcome those limitations. Miniaturization and the use of lighter, more resistant materials has been fueling the outdoors business for decades. Our life-style has evolved into seeking shorter term adventures in our backyards - we want to travel lighter, so we can walk further. The days of outings that lasted weeks and involved the small armies of carriers are lost in the past and won't be back. We have to carry our own weight, our own stuff optimized for weight and function. 

So our R&D team at GRS sought out to create a new rifle stock that would follow the key GRS specs of ergonomics, ruggedness and beauty, while reducing the overall weight without sacrificing those qualities. Meet our new GRS Hunter Light!



We are now happy to present you a rifle stock developed for lighter barrels, for outings where every gram / ounce counts. It is 28% lighter than the previous Hunter, and 25% lighter than our previous lightest laminate stock. It also has a slimmer grip that will accommodate smaller hands, and a simplified form of our exclusive Speedlock adjustment system, so that you can adapt your gun to your clothing or shooting conditions in real-time.




Come and check it out here (our Hunter Light webpage), and here (our Instagram) and here (our Facebook)!


We hope to hear from you!


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All the best.

Oscar Haugen
CEO GRS Riflestocks AS